Our Dogs

Our dogs are part of our family. They live inside our home with us. Our Pomskies are well loved and handled from birth making them well-adjusted companion and ready for their future families. We only have two litters a year. So please contact us!


Sadie is AKC registered Siberian Husky. She’s on the smaller end for a Husky too; she weighs 30 pounds. Sadie has been OFA and embark DNA tested. You may view her Embark DNA results below. OFA Results upon request.

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Hank is AKC registered Pomeranian. He is a blue Merle Pomeranian and weighs 9 lbs. Hank has been OFA and Embark DNA tested. You may view his results below. OFA results upon request. 

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Iris Hope

Meet Iris Hope! Our very own F2 Pomsky and future Goodness Gracious Mama! Iris is a rare dilute blue pomsky. Her coat is a charcoal blueish gray color. If all goes well with her OFA testing, we will be breeding her in 2023! 

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